Saturday Superfood Spotlight: Astragalus

Ohhh Shakeology…. packed with so many powerful and delicious ingredients from around the world and today’s featured ingredient is Astragalus! Astraga…….whaaaaat? ASTRAGALUS ROOT.

Shakeology isn’t called the “Healthiest Meal of the Day” just for kicks. No way! Shakeology is packed with all kinds of ridiculously healthy and delicious stuff that could seriously transform your life. One amazing super-potent, superpowerful, adaptogen in Shakeology is called Astragalus Root. . It contains high amounts of antioxidants, which protect cells against free radical damage, plus it’s packed with tons of nutrients that promote a healthy immune and respiratory system. In addition, Astragalus Root has been known to help maintain normal blood sugar levels as well as help protect the body against physical, mental, and emotional stress.

So just keep drinking Shakeology, it has it all..superfoods, digestive enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics, proteins, and adaptogens!  Never tried Shakeology? Get the sampler pack today!


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