Saturday Superfood Spotlight: Bilberry

Today’s superfood spotlight is on bilberries. Yep, bilberries—not blueberries. Also known in the berry world as the European blueberry or huckleberry. The bilberry is much more than a delicious little fruit. This berry contained in Shakeology is packed with supernutrients that transform this fruit into a superfood.

It is loaded with four times the antioxidants and anthocyanins than blueberries and is extremely rich in vitamin C. SCORE! And for the last 500 years, these little “blue” berries have been used all across Europe for numerous medicinal purposes. The only downside to this amazing little fruit is that the bilberry bush is notoriously difficult to cultivate. Instead of growing in large clusters like blueberries, bilberries grow individually along with their stems, making it so they have to be picked by hand. And since time is money and it takes a lot longer to harvest a bilberry crop, these powerful and potent fruits are more expensive than blueberries. Lucky for you though, if you want some bilberry action in your life, instead of shelling out extra cash at the health food store, just make yourself a delicious and nutritious Shakeology. Because when it comes to putting healthy stuff in your body, Shakeology has got you covered with 70+ ingredients, 41 of which are “superfoods”—foods loaded with essential nutrients that enhance energy, boost immunity and improve mood.

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