Do it with passion!

Find your PASSION, whatever it is, and great things will happen FOR you, TO you. And even if things don’t work out as planned, you’ll still be heading in the right direction and that you can feel proud about. Because nothing you have a passion for is ever a waste of time, no matter how it turns out 🙌

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Saturday Superfood Spotlight: Schisandra

Let’s talk about this amazing adaption called Schisandra. It is a potent berry contained in Shakeology that offers killer benefits for athletes! It not only reduces stress on the body but decreases fatigue, boosts liver function, enhances physical performance, and promotes endurance. The secret to Schisandra’s power is that it’s said to have properties pertaining to all five elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which means it works in numerous “meridians” within the body to restore internal balance and health. Due to the fact it impacts nearly every organ system within the human body, the benefits go far beyond what’s described here. Once you experience the benefits of this super berry in your Shakeology you will wish you started drinking it sooner!
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Saturday Superfood Spotlight: Rosehip Fruit

Rosehip Fruit is the fruit of a rose and is today’s featured Shakeology ingredient! As one of the best sources of Vitamin C (60 times as much vitamin C as one orange). Yes, this little fruit packs a powerful punch in treating infections, increasing collagen production (crucial for bones & muscle) and boosting the body’s natural immune system. Also, since Vitamin C is an antioxidant it performs like a vacuum sucking up those harmful free radicals roaming in your body. How awesome is that!  Read More

Saturday Superfood Spotlight: Reishi Mushroom

Shakeology is packed with over 70+ powerful ingredients from around the world and today’s featured ingredient is the reishi mushroom a type of medicinal fungus. This true superfood has been used for its numerous healing abilities for thousands of years. These mushrooms are highly anti-inflammatory and tied to longevity, better immune function and mental clarity — hence the nickname “king of mushrooms”. Since these mushrooms work as an “immune modulator,” they can help restore hormonal balance, cleanse the liver, bring the body back to homeostasis and regulate the activity of the immune system, including fighting tumors and cancerous cells. Research shows these super powerful mushrooms help regulate various cellular functions and systems, including hormonal balance,  immunity, and improve the cardiovascular, central nervous and digestive systems. Read More

Saturday Superfood Spotlight: Pomegranate Fruit

Have you ever eaten a pomegranate? If you have, you know how delicious one is. If you haven’t, you’re missing out—big time. Not only are you depriving your taste buds of a sweet and tangy treat, but you’re also denying your body of one of the healthiest fruits on this planet. However, if you’ve ever had a Shakeology, you’ve fed your body pomegranates, probably without even knowing it. Did you know Pomegranates have more antioxidants than ANY other fruit? Yes, that’s right. Remember, antioxidants fight those detrimental free radicals that destroy healthy cells. In addition, Pomegranate Fruit is also a rich source of vitamin C, thiamin, potassium, beta-carotene, riboflavin, folate, folic acid, vitamin E,  and fiber. All stimulating a healthy immune system to improve cell metabolism, enzyme function, and overall health.

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