Saturday Superfood Spotlight: Cacao

The Cacao found in Shakeology has bountiful benefits with no guilt, just good old chocolatey yumminess! With over 40 times the antioxidants of blueberries. Yep 40 times! With that comes the amazing ability to absorb free radicals (ie. pollution and environmental toxins), which cause cell and tissue damage and can lead to diseases. As a plant-based source of iron Cacao contains an AMAZING 7.3mg per 100g. This compares to spinach at 3.6mg and beef at 2.5mg. Note the iron in cacao is non-heme (plant-based iron), so to get the maximum benefits you’ll want to combine it with vitamin C. like in Camu Camu. Not a problem for you Camu Camu is already an ingredient contained in Shakeology!

Get this and much more from Shakeology. Try the sampler pack today (includes chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and cafe latte)!


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