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Sneak Peek into My Live Insanity Class

Sneak Peek into My Live Insanity Class

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Our Insanity Max 30: Tabata Workout

Working out more certainly increases the amount of calories you burn on a given day. It can give you spikes in metabolism that can last up to 72 hours. And if you do it right, you’ll build muscle that itself will raise your metabolism just by existing. HOWEVER, don’t miss a vital element!Fat loss is all about calories in, calories out! Despite all the diet strategies out there, weight management still comes down to the calories you take in versus those you burn off. So track it and you’ll be sure to set yourself for up for success!

Live PiYo Classes

Live PiYo classes in Sarasota, FL by certified PiYo Instructor, Donna Dodd and Starry Jhoun. Come to Red Tiger Martial Arts and join Starry Jhoun and myself (Donna Dodd) of Positively Diesel for an awesome workout based on Yoga & Pilates movements called PIYO.

Join my next challenge

I’m looking to help a select few, regardless of where you are located, who are ready to take their fitness and nutrition to the next level and dig deep with me in a structured fitness and nutrition program using Insanity. You will have my guidance, accountability and daily support. If you are tired of being tired and ready to get Healthy and Fit with me click “like” or respond “I’m in” and I will forward you more details on how you can transform your body and become the BEST version of YOU!

Body Beast Chest


Body Beast Chest was on the agenda and it did not disappoint. Oh my, those dynamic sets!!!

After the incline presses nail your upper pecs, Sagi has you move into regular presses followed by decline push-ups. On paper that seems rather uneventful?. WELL not to your pecs, that’s for sure. Each set is progressive beginning with high reps, low weight to lower reps, higher weight with a KILLER drop-set at the end that is ridiculous!

Keep pressing play! Keep Digging Deeper!!