I have 21 Day,  60-day  and 90 Day Beachbody Challenge groups forming each month!


SoWhat Exactly Is This Challenge Group Thing?

If you haven’t heard of my challenge groups, don’t  worry, because you are definitely not alone and I am going to explain it here. I get it, you feel BUSY and overwhelmed!  Most of us want to work out but don’t think we have the time or money to join a gym, let alone hire a personal trainer.  An online challenge group provides the personal accountability and support that you’d find when working out with a trainer on with guaranteed results!.

How Does a Challenge Group Work?

A small group of challengers are placed in my Private Facebook group.  The participants in the group get to know each other and act as accountability partners to motivate, support  and celebrate victories along the way.  The awesome part is this all takes place online and on your own schedule!

My other challengers and I post in the group daily.  Challengers check in and share their workouts, what they are eating, share recipes and meal plans, and ask for help when needed.  In the group you’ll learn about clean eating, meal planning, staying motivated and lots more!  We cheer each other on, and lift each other up.  If you’re missing for a few days, you’ll receive a personal message from me, your coach offering ways to get you back on track.

Daily participation, with a group of people who are all doing the same workout you are, is super motivating.  Since the group is private, the only people who see your posts are those who have either previously joined one of my challenges  or are currently doing one!

Does it Cost to be in a Challenge Group?

There is NO COST for membership in one of my challenge groups or for my personal coaching. However, I need 100% commitment both with exercise and nutrition from you. In order to have the complete challenge pack you will need to purchase Shakeology.

What programs can I use?

While some challenge groups require the use one specific program, for my groups the choice is yours! With Beachbody the library of workouts are huge. So chose an existing Beachbody program you already have. Such as Insanity, Body Beast, PiYo, Turbo Fire, T25, etc… your choice. I am both a certified Insanity and PiYo Instructor and run my groups with one goal in mind…SUCCESS!

In this group, we post about the workouts, our nutrition, what we are struggling with, and our successes. It’s a great way to keep and build motivation. Nobody’s perfect! I don’t want to give off the illusion that coaches or athletes never grapple with their own excuses and slip-ups. The difference is we just get back to the grind, push forward and recognize when we are making excuses. You can do the same!

There really is no better way to get the best results than by joining. It’s fun, and you build relationships with others who are facing the exact same challenges as you. It’s good support.

How to Be Part of the Next Challenge

1. I have to be your coach

2. You have to be following a Beachbody Program while drinking Shakeology daily

3. You must take part – there will be daily check-ins! If you’re not interested in being a little social and talking about your concerns/experiences, then this is not for you.

What If I’m Not Your Coach

If you don’t already have a coach, click here to create a free account and make me your coach.

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Ready to Get Started?

Sign up now by connecting with me on Facebook, or contacting me at positivelydiesel@gmail.com. A challenge group is the best way to help reach all your health and fitness goals!

Ready? Reserve your spot below and I will forward you the details! Space is limited in order for me to provide personalized assistance. RSVP ASAP!


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