Feeling overwhelmed and out of shape with the Summer 2016 approaching? Not sure what my groups are like and want a peek? Want to get fit but low on money? Then join my exclusive FREE ON-LINE Holiday Clean Eating Group!

I like to offer clean eating challenges as a way to help those people that maybe can’t afford a program right now but are still in need of some assistance in getting their fitness on track. After all, I am a fitness coach and my underlying goal is to help people, regardless if you purchase an exercise program through me or not.

This group is for you if:
– You’re interested in kick starting some healthy habits before the Summer but don’t have time to figure out what to eat.
– You’ve been wondering what an online accountability/challenge group is like.
– You have no idea what clean eating is or haven’t had time to make it a habit.
– You want to lose 2-5 pounds and get some extra energy

So what are you waiting for?? This is your sign! It’s FREE! RSVP by sending me a message today and simply click join to get in on this exclusive group! I will message you with more information about next steps and what to expect – e.g. I will be setting up a private Facebook group to hold this event.

What’s is expected of you:
– Follow the plan as best you can
– Have an open mind and be willing to try new things
– Be positive & encouraging of others in the group
– Make a quick daily check-in to the Facebook Group
– Share your results with me

Coach Donna Dodd