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Think twice about what you put in your body! Below are some hard-hitting comparisons of the other choices you have out there. The idea isn’t to diminish other brands, it’s to illustrate that there’s an option for those who want best of the best, and that option holds really high value for you and your well-being.  Shakeology is 1) a meal replacement 2) whole food vitamin supplement and 3) a nutrient dense and all natural Super Food Shake.  So I realize we are comparing apples to oranges here, like most people, they assume Shakeology is just another protein shake.  Yes, Shakeology contains protein, however, it doesn’t stand alone as a protein shake nor does it even promote that it is a protein shake anywhere on the label. The label reads “The Healthiest Meal of the Day”.  And there is a good reason for that, it is!   But while we are here why not check out the ingredients of the other most popular shakes out there. In reality, the competitor Shakes can’t compare, let’s look…

Isagenix: Shakeology is the clear winner with over 70+ premium ingredients compared to only around 50 in Isagenix.

Juice Plus: Uses soy protein as one of their protein sources. The isoflavones (a phytoestrogen) found in soy can disrupt hormone balance, and result in unwanted testosterone and estrogen changes, in addition to other health problems. Also, for the amount/price Shakeology has more ingredients (over 70), more benefits and a larger serving size. The Juice Plus pills are just that, non-meal pills and the Juice Plus complete has far fewer ingredients and protein for example. In their Juice Plus Orchard and Garden Blends, there are only 17 different fruits, vegetables, and grains COMBINED.

Herbalife: Soy Protein (Isolate) it is a row crop, not organic! As we know soy creates change in the testosterone-estrogen ratio in favor of estrogen that can lead to increased body fat and other ill effects as it relates to health. Also not only is it LOW in protein but the protein is acid washed with heat (denatured) to help make it less toxic which ironically strips it of any nutrients. As the cheapest of all the shakes to purchase you can see why!

Vega One
It uses synthetic daily vitamins, compared to the Tropical and Vegan Chocolate Shakeology that come from 100% natural whole food vitamins.  It also contains (albeit very FEW) superfoods.   Nineteen to be specific.    Shakeology has SEVENTY superfoods.  And its those super foods that give Shakeology it’s unique profile.  I believe it’s also those super foods that are responsible for Shakeology ’s thousands of patient testimonies. With Shakeology, you get EVERYTHING that Vega One offers, PLUS an additional FIFTY-ONE exotic superfoods all working to improve your health, energy, and recovery.

Kirkland (Cosco) First two ingredients are water and sugar. It is made with soy protein isolate, sucralose (artificial sweetener), corn oil (GMO), low in fiber and the list goes on

Muscle Milk: GMO,  refined sugar, whey protein isolate, antibiotics, rBGH, artificial coloring, carrageenan

Advocare: Its 1st ingredient is Maltodextrin followed by Soy Protein and Fructose are the next 2 ingredients! Also has GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms)

Body By Vi: Soy Protein, a row crop product and loaded with toxins, GMO”s and sweetened with Sucralose.

Slim Fast: GMO,, refined sugar, antibiotics, rBGH, carrageenan

Ensure: GMO, soy protein,, refined sugar, artificial colors, carrageenan

It Works: Contains GMO, soy protein, antibiotics, rBGH

Atkins – GMO, refined sugar, antibiotics, rBGH, artificial colors, carrageenan

Special K – GMO, soy protein, refined sugar, antibiotics, rBGH, artificial colors, carrageenan

Isogen – GMO, maltodextrin, refined sugar, whey protein isolate, antibiotics, rBGH, artificial colors

Pure Protein – GMO, refined sugar, antibiotics, rBGH, artificial coloring, carrageenan

Youngevity Slender FX –  Uses soy and low quality grade whey proteins

The Shaklee 180 Energizing Smoothies– Their protein blend contains soy protein concentrate and soy protein isolate. Rules them out immediately. It’s not a true meal replacement by itself. They suggest mixing it with milk to bring calories up for replacing meals.

The Physique Shake– Their protein blend contains Milk which is denatured. Rules them out yet again. It’s a protein supplement, not meal replacement.

Syntrax Nectar Protein: Contains soy protein along with  Sucralose  (an artificial sweetener). It also contains Hydrolyzed wheat which is really just another way of saying MSG

Arbonne shakes are to low in calories (160) and very low in nutrition, most only having 15% of the RDA (a few as high as 20%). Very high in sodium at 480 mg.

GNC Gold Standard Whey – Their protein blend contains Whey protein concentrate, milk and soy. They do not disclose whether or not milk protein source has been injected with hormones or antibiotics; contains soy (lecithin) which is used as an emulsifier (you do not want soy in your protein shake – See Why HERE. It also lists natural flavor as an ingredient – when listed, natural flavor can be a number of unhealthy artificial things, so it leaves it up to the imagination.

GNC Total Lean: contains Synthetic Ingredients (not all natural– made in a lab!) and Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil…YIKES! It also contains Chemical sweeteners and Artificial Flavors, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium

and the list goes on and on. There are lots of “shakes” out there. In one sense, you can call any of them an alternative to Shakeology. But the question is, are these products a SUBSTITUTE for Shakeology? Ironically, these other products love nothing more than to be even considered in a “Shakeology vs. ___” debate, because that raises the perception of their product. All debates end as soon as you get past the “meal substitute” generalizations and start looking at the Ingredients!



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