STOP the excuses

STOP the excuses

I’m too busy, I don’t do shakes, I don’t like to sweat, I’m too tired, I’m too old, I don’t like to get sore, it’s too boring, I like to do it my way (but want different results? how does that work?). When you say these things all you are really saying is I AM NOT worth the effort.


If you want to achieve your health/ fitness goals you need to STOP the excuses. I did just that and have kept off those extra 77lbs for many years now. I know how to HELP YOU, all you need to do is commit.

I’m looking for 5 dedicated people that are serious about getting in the best shape of their lives! I will be working with you personally as well as in my private group setting to help you jump start your health/fitness level. From there you will automatically gain access to my exclusive 1/15/18 at-home fitness challenge where some serious goal crushing will occur (“You vs. You” time)

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ONE REQUIREMENT: You must have the desire to become a better you. No exercise experience needed, no specific fitness level required. DESIRE ONLY 🙌


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Donna Dodd (AKA “Diesel D”) is a highly acclaimed coach and fitness instructor who is ranked as one of the top At-Home Fitness Challenge providers


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