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How Do You Measure?




The push-up is an ancient exercise that’s been used in athletic training, physical education and most notably in military drills around the world for centuries. Although it may seem like a very basic exercise, the push-up requires the enlistment of many muscles not just the two primary movers (chest and triceps). All of your muscles including your core and legs must work together to aid your body throughout the movement while holding your own body weight.  In fact, push-ups increase your metabolic rate due to the fact that a large number of muscles are working together at the same time causing your heart and breathing rate to increase which in turn elevates your metabolic rate contributing to weight loss. Read More

Super Saturday Orlando Raw Review




Super Saturday’s are a one-day event that only occur 4 times a year, whereby usually a few hundred Team Beachbody Coaches come together in their local city for a team building high energy meeting. Although I live much closer to Tampa, FL where events are held as well , I prefer to go to Beachbody Master Trainer Alli Upham’s events. I was certified by her as a LIVE INSANITY, PIYO AND CIZE INSTRUCTOR. She is the host of the Super Saturday events in Orlando. Her vibe is infectious and energy level couldn’t have been better for the overflowing room of 600 coaches and potential coaches. Read More




Baby carrots, which are one of the most popular form of carrots, is technically NOT a ‘baby’ carrot. Actually they are imperfect carrots that have been shaved down to a much smaller size. Not only are baby carrots more expensive than whole carrots, they are given a chlorine bath to prolong shelf life. For this reason, I highly recommend whole carrots in lieu of baby carrots. In addition seek out organically grown varieties. Especially since years ago carrots were included in the heavily pesticide-laden produce list. Although recently they have been removed from that list I’d rather error on the side of safety!

EGGS-actly What You Need To Build Muscle!


Take advantage of all those left over hard-boiled eggs this Easter because they are nature’s perfect muscle-building snack. Hard-boiled eggs contain 6 grams of easily digestible protein and approximately 70 calories. Eggs also contain high-quality fat and fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K as well as B vitamins, phosphorous and trace minerals. Making eggs one of the best healthy natural protein choices!

Learn how to make the perfect hard-boiled egg below:

TODAY I don’t sweat for pounds!


TODAY I don’t sweat for pounds, inches or dress sizes anymore – been there, done that! I spent MANY YEARS feeling that guilt, that frustration of constantly feeling trapped in a vicious cycle. My success always came down to a NUMBER – a number on a scale, a number on a tag of my jeans – and I KNEW I had to find another way. I wanted more than anything to show my kids that you can do anything you put your mind to.

This photo was taken before my transformation with the Insanity program. I still remember that day. It was a Sunday, and I had just eaten some wings sitting there feeling self-defeated. My kids had been chanting humorously in the house “mama’s got a big ol’ butt” after I had said those exact words mocking myself not realizing the example I was setting (or lack there of). Honestly, I wanted to get healthy but I didn’t know where to start. I had such self-defeating thoughts. I’m too far gone and too old to start over. I’m too busy; I’m a wife and a mother. It wasn’t until I saw the Insanity infomercial that I decided to take a chance. No, it wasn’t that easy. I had to change my self-talk and thoughts as well. Our behaviors are reflected by how we feel inside, which will be reflected in how we appear on the outside. When we feel good about ourselves, it shows. THIS is the ultimate goal—to feel better about ourselves on the inside, so that our bodies and personae reflect that confidence on the outside.

So when someone asks me, HOW? I say start by changing your inner dialog. Acknowledge the small accomplishments: the positive self-talk, increased activity, eating more nutritionally balanced meals, and your behaviors will reflect that. You will be more encouraged to continue exercising, find it easier to resist food temptations, and will gain self-esteem—not because you are losing weight, but because you are managing your life and your body in a way that is honoring it—and the fit body that follows will be but a side effect! TODAY, I sweat to CELEBRATE this ONE BODY I was given. I don’t work out just to “GET RIPPED” and I don’t fuel my body with healthy foods just to “GET A 6-PACK”. While the effects of exercise on appearance are amazing, a deeper motivation has to exist — not just for better, more long-lasting results, but for a happier healthier version of you!

So whatever you are going through right now, whatever storm you are in – remember, be BOLD! You possess the POWER, LOVE AND SELF-DISCIPLINE…lift it up and take charge…and know I am here to help!

Do you feel your metabolism has slowed down?


Do you feel your metabolism has slowed down? No worries there are several things you can do to speed it up —even if you’re getting older!

Drink 8-16 ounces of warm lemon water first thing Morning Lemon Water:
Drinking 8 ½ cups of lemon water a day first thing in the morning can cause you to burn an extra 96 calories a day. Lemon water can also help your liver detox and helping your metabolism run more efficiently

Sprinkle Cinnamon:
1 1/2 teaspoons of cinnamon a day can help regulate glucose levels, which in turn helps control weight gain. As a bonus, it can also actually help you feel full faster.

Green Tea
Drinking green tea can increase your metabolism by 4% over a 24 hours allowing you to burn up to an extra 70 calories a day, without no effort. Green tea has also been shown to aid healthy glucose levels, suppress fat absorption, prevent insulin spikes and reduce appetite.

A Dash Of Cayenne Pepper:
Cayenne pepper is known to boost the metabolism by an extra 15 to 20% up to 2 hours after consuming (OH MY). It also increases fat oxidation which will allow your body ti use fat as fuel. In addition, cayenne pepper helps suppress the appetite. As well as lessening the cravings for fatty, salty, and sweet foods.

Get Diesel:
Yes we all know having muscles looks more attractive but it also gives you a higher metabolism. For every extra pound of muscle on your body, it can burn up to an additional 30-50 calories extra a day.

Eat protein:
Your body uses about 10% of its calories to digest foods (thermogenesis). Therefore since it takes longer for your body to digest protein than carbs or fat, eating a high protein diet can boost your metabolism simply by eating high protein diet.

Swap Monotonous Cardio for HIIT:
High Intensity Interval Training like the Insanity Program will boost your metabolism for up to 24 to 48 hours after your workout is complete. As opposed to sustained cardio like running, whereby your metabolism is primarily raised during the workout and then returns to normal afterwards. With HIIT, it will cause your metabolism to spike not only during but after you’re finished because of the intensity and recovery time. Interested?? Join my Insanity Challenge here: www.positivelydiesel.com

Good Ol’ Healthy Fats:
Be sure to get enough healthy fats from foods like avocados, raw organic coconuts, raw nuts, organic eggs, and wild caught fish to help stimulate your fat burning hormones and avoid metabolism shut down! Not getting enough healthy fats will put you at risk for adrenal fatigue, which is a catalyst for all sorts of problems, including weight gain. Healthy fats allow you to stay full and provides you with long-term energy, so be sure you are getting enough.

Want a bodybuilders physique and workout from home?

Forget everything you know about weight training. Body Beast has cracked the code for how to dial in the lean, chiseled physique everybody wants. And you can get it in 90 days, at home, with just a few dumbbells, in as little as 30 minutes a day! Body Beast is the first Beachbody® program dedicated to maximum muscle gains and fat loss. Created by champion bodybuilder, Sagi Kalev, uses a combination of old- and new-school bodybuilding techniques to build muscle without using expensive gym equipment or harmful steroids. Get yours here: http://goo.gl/s2iawY