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Saturday Superfood Spotlight: Pomegranate Fruit

Have you ever eaten a pomegranate? If you have, you know how delicious one is. If you haven’t, you’re missing out—big time. Not only are you depriving your taste buds of a sweet and tangy treat, but you’re also denying your body of one of the healthiest fruits on this planet. However, if you’ve ever had a Shakeology, you’ve fed your body pomegranates, probably without even knowing it. Did you know Pomegranates have more antioxidants than ANY other fruit? Yes, that’s right. Remember, antioxidants fight those detrimental free radicals that destroy healthy cells. In addition, Pomegranate Fruit is also a rich source of vitamin C, thiamin, potassium, beta-carotene, riboflavin, folate, folic acid, vitamin E,  and fiber. All stimulating a healthy immune system to improve cell metabolism, enzyme function, and overall health.

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Saturday Superfood Spotlight: MSM

Shakeology is packed with over 70+ powerful ingredients and today’s featured ingredient is MSM (methylsulfonylmethane). MSM is a naturally occurring organic sulfur compound that is found in a variety of green vegetables and other foods.  It is mainly used to improve immune function, joint health, lower inflammation and help restore healthy bodily tissue. The reason for all the hype wrapped around MSM is because it provides biologically active sulfur, which is the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body and needed for many different critical bodily functions every single day!
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Saturday Superfood Spotlight: Maitake Mushroom


Today’s Shakeology featured ingredient is the Maitake Mushroom (Japanese for “dancing mushroom”). Given its name after people danced with happiness upon finding its incredible healing properties. This type of adaptogen assists the body in fighting against any type of mental or physical stress. In addition, the Maitake Mushroom can help lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels, lower blood sugar levels, reduce weight and even fight tumors due to its stimulation of the immune system.

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Saturday Superfood Spotlight: Konjac

Konjac Root is just one of the amazing 70+ ingredients in Shakeology that has been used for centuries in Asia for food and medicine. Why you ask? This awesome root slows the absorption of sugar and cholesterol from the digestive tract, helping to control sugar levels and reduces cholesterol levels. It’s also been found to be an effective weight loss aid because it takes up dense space in the stomach, stimulating the sensation of being full.  Read More

Saturday Superfood Spotlight: Kamut Grass

Kamut is a type of grain that is known for its sweet and nutty flavor. This grain has been around for centuries and used to be called “King Tuts Wheat”. Although Kamut is closely related to wheat, it is far superior. Kamut is FULL of protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, lipids and complex carbohydrates making the nutritional value very high compared to other grains. Another major plus to this grain is that it is cholesterol free. Read More

Saturday Superfood Spotlight: Goji Berries

There are so many incredible ingredients in Shakeology that do so many amazing things for your body that I just have to tell you a bit more about them. So today’s ingredient spotlight focuses on powerful little grape-sized fruits called Goji Berries.

These little tomato-colored wonders are credited with helping to promote muscle strength as well as support cardiovascular health. They’re believed to help reduce various signs of aging while promoting a luminescent glow to the skin.* Not only are goji berries rich in vitamins and minerals, they’re also a great source of natural proteins. They’re packed with 18 of the 22 amino acids, 21 dietary minerals, more beta-carotene than carrots, more vitamin C than oranges, and plenty of linoleic acid—which may help keep your hair thick and your skin looking young.

BUT NOT ALL GOJI BERRIES ARE CREATED EQUAL! The best goji berries grow high up in the Helan Mountains, in the Ningxia Province of China. Ningxia is more than 10,000 miles from the west coast of the U.S., and Shakeology uses these berries because they contain natural adaptogenic enzymes, which are there in abundance only when grown at extreme altitudes with just the right environmental conditions. When it comes to Shakeology’s ingredients, only the best of the best will do. And that’s why the Shakeology Ingredient Hunters scoured the earth to source the most potent ingredients out there. No wonder Shakeology is deemed a Daily Dose of Dense Nutrition (as well as the most delicious).

So now that you know a bit more about what’s so super about this little ingredient in Shakeology, you can feel even better about fueling your body up with the Healthiest Meal of the Day! Try the sampler pack today!


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Saturday Superfood Spotlight: Sprouted Flax Seeds

Sprouted Flax Seeds is definitely one of the more well-known Shakeology ingredients. It has have been cultivated for over 6,000 years, making them one of the world’s first utilized superfoods. What does flaxseed do for you that makes it one of the most popular “superfoods” in Shakeology? Flaxseeds contain anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids along with antioxidant substances called lignans that help promote hormonal balance in addition to dietary fiber and an abundance of micronutrients.  So just keep drinking Shakeology, it has it all..superfoods, digestive enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics, proteins, and adaptogens! Never tried Shakeology? Try the sampler pack today (includes chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and cafe latte)!

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Saturday Superfood Spotlight: Cordyceps

Today’s Shakeology featured adaptogen ingredient is Cordyceps! It is a mushroom powder has been used as a tonic to improve lung function, promote the immune system, heighten sexual energy and enhance longevity. Research also suggests that it has an anti-aging and immunity-enhancing function as well. No need to purchase extra supplementation because it’s already in your Shakeology. Get this and much more from Shakeology. Try the sampler pack today (includes chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and cafe latte)!

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Saturday Superfood Spotlight: Cacao

The Cacao found in Shakeology has bountiful benefits with no guilt, just good old chocolatey yumminess! With over 40 times the antioxidants of blueberries. Yep 40 times! With that comes the amazing ability to absorb free radicals (ie. pollution and environmental toxins), which cause cell and tissue damage and can lead to diseases. As a plant-based source of iron Cacao contains an AMAZING 7.3mg per 100g. This compares to spinach at 3.6mg and beef at 2.5mg. Note the iron in cacao is non-heme (plant-based iron), so to get the maximum benefits you’ll want to combine it with vitamin C. like in Camu Camu. Not a problem for you Camu Camu is already an ingredient contained in Shakeology!

Get this and much more from Shakeology. Try the sampler pack today (includes chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and cafe latte)!

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Saturday Superfood Spotlight: Bilberry

Today’s superfood spotlight is on bilberries. Yep, bilberries—not blueberries. Also known in the berry world as the European blueberry or huckleberry. The bilberry is much more than a delicious little fruit. This berry contained in Shakeology is packed with supernutrients that transform this fruit into a superfood.

It is loaded with four times the antioxidants and anthocyanins than blueberries and is extremely rich in vitamin C. SCORE! And for the last 500 years, these little “blue” berries have been used all across Europe for numerous medicinal purposes. The only downside to this amazing little fruit is that the bilberry bush is notoriously difficult to cultivate. Instead of growing in large clusters like blueberries, bilberries grow individually along with their stems, making it so they have to be picked by hand. And since time is money and it takes a lot longer to harvest a bilberry crop, these powerful and potent fruits are more expensive than blueberries. Lucky for you though, if you want some bilberry action in your life, instead of shelling out extra cash at the health food store, just make yourself a delicious and nutritious Shakeology. Because when it comes to putting healthy stuff in your body, Shakeology has got you covered with 70+ ingredients, 41 of which are “superfoods”—foods loaded with essential nutrients that enhance energy, boost immunity and improve mood.

Get this and much more from Shakeology. Try the sampler pack today!

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