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Anyone can do this!

For years I’ve wavered from 25lbs to 77lbs overweight but what kept me on track from 2013 to today was the FACT THAT I WAS A COACH. I threw it out there. I announced publically to all that I was committed to keeping the weight off this time and if anyone wanted to join me I’d be delighted! From there it snowballed into a small committed group of men/women that kept seeing results and returned challenge after challenge. Before I knew it, the foundation of my team was being built. You see coaching is not about perfect (NO ONE IS PERFECT), it is about helping YOURSELF while helping OTHERS in the process.

Bottomline…anyone can do this. ANYONE!! Just message me if you are ready to take control of your life and health! I will send you the details on the steps I took to crush my goals 👊 Read More

Your thoughts are EVERYTHING!

Your thoughts are EVERYTHING. Wouldn’t you agree? Some people succeed and some people don’t. The difference? Their thoughts and beliefs about themselves. Success is a mindset. Those that want it bad enough already envision themselves succeeding. Those that don’t, will see the wagon they plan to fall off of before they’ve even fallen. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your thoughts.

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It’s that time again. Our children are in full swing of school, and it’s slowly getting darker earlier, and for some reason, it also marks a seasonal shift in our health and fitness. We tend to eat more and exercise less. Worse those increased calories, usually come in the form of sugar. Those spiced pumpkin latte’s, and alcoholic beverages have no nutritional value, and if you’re looking to get or stay in shape this season, you’ll need to monitor not only what you eat but what you drink as well. Read More



The Pokémon GO craze has become infectious in households across the world and if you have a child the odds are you’ve become infected like me. I’ll be the first to admit having my child’s face plastered to a screen catching fictional creatures isn’t something I would ever advocate. So I do limit the time playing BUT as a fitness coach I really like two aspects of this game. First, is all the walking and secondly is the time spent outdoors exploring.

Last time my children and I went Pokémon hunting we walked 5 Miles! You see, Pokémon Go is not your typical “couch potato” video game: If played right,  it becomes more like a fitness app disguised as a video game. And with the help of these TOP 20 SECRET HOTSPOTS, you can enjoy the sites of Sarasota while catching Pokémon and getting fit with your kids!


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