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Set Your Intention

Do you keep your thoughts healthy and goal oriented? 💭For many, the answer is a resounding “no”! We seem to naturally gravitate our thoughts towards what we lack 🌧rather than the opportunities before us ☀ It takes a daily effort to avoid falling into that “negative” trap ⛓

So every day when you wake 🐓 SET YOUR INTENTION to nourish your body with healthy food and your mind with healthy thoughts. 🙌


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Your thoughts are EVERYTHING!

Your thoughts are EVERYTHING. Wouldn’t you agree? Some people succeed and some people don’t. The difference? Their thoughts and beliefs about themselves. Success is a mindset. Those that want it bad enough already envision themselves succeeding. Those that don’t, will see the wagon they plan to fall off of before they’ve even fallen. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your thoughts.

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Happiness is a choice

You’ve heard this a thousand times before… Happiness is a choice. But did you know only approximately 50% or less of the population will actually choose to be #happy? Researchers have discovered that those who actually fight or strive to be happy are almost 80% happier than those who simply accept their genes and concede to a life of unhappiness. So you know what you have to do right? Change your thoughts! You know those #thoughts you repeat over and over again in your head, day in and day out, like a song track stuck on an endless loop. If it’s a positive thought that moves you closer to your #goal, that’s wonderful. However, if not and you notice they’re actually negative repetitive thoughts you will need to get that in check before you can ever expect to see results. Your thoughts have the power to amazing things but if not monitored it can magnify all the emotions you don’t want as well. Such as stress, worry, anxiety and frustration. Those are the kind of feelings that will hinder any possible personal growth.

The mind roams where it will, occupying your attention with #positive goal-oriented thoughts is the best use of your time and energy! So how will you choose to feel today? 🌸 It’s up to you 🌸

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