As a mom and coach I know all too well about how cellulite can affect your confidence.  Nobody is perfect and it’s time to stop looking for perfection. As long as you are treating our body with respect and honoring it, there should be NO SHAME. I too had to abolish the belief that I was fat, lazy, unfit, gross, and unattractive because I of cellulite. After all, I was working out and eating clean! This was one conundrum that kept boggling my mind and I had to find the answer. I knew it couldn’t be poor nutrition or lack of exercise. I was running, working out, teaching live Insanity classes and eating no processed foods. You would think that would be more than enough, right? WRONG! I had to accept the idea that cellulite is NOT about exercise or nutrition, it’s about genetics!

At first, it was driving me nuts because every “fit” woman I ever saw in a fitness magazine never showed an ounce of cellulite.  Most articles declared that exercise and clean eating would do the trick.  However, after putting that suggestion to the test I found myself disappointed. Sure, I hit my goal weight, had buff arms and a six pack but it never fully eliminated the cellulite on the back of my thighs. . Which was my original goal. Yes, my legs were smoother and the cellulite definitely decreased but I still could see it. So every time I looked in the mirror I was uncomfortable. So much so that when someone would compliment me or say “you are so fit! I wish I could look like that”. Deep down I felt unworthy of such accolades. Thinking, If I wasn’t comfortable enough to wear short shorts how could I possibly accept such doting compliments. In my mind I was unacceptable. I write this article because I know there are countless others who share these feelings. That is why I feel it is imperative for you to understand what cellulite really is and how it is NOT a reflection of your fitness level.

So what is cellulite? Those who have cellulite tend to have connective tissue that is arranged differently than those that do not. The connective tissue forms chamber-like structures that push fat upward and outward through the dermis. Those flawless legged people who do not develop cellulite have connective tissue that spans fat laterally and downward. Not allowing the fat to push out into the dermis. So you can  have just as much fat tissue as a cellulite free person, but they have a nice compressed top layer pushing down their layer fat, whereas us cellulite prone people don’t have that advantage. It’s more like a pair of fishnets stocking over that layer of fat. This is not a myth, it’s confirmed by science based off of medical testing consisting of MRI’s, sonogram’s, and tissue biopsies.



Therefore, if you have been genetically given the cellulite gene like me don’t fret, you are NOT  unfit or unworthy.  Your genetics  made the decision to make you dimple free or not. So what! I also have grey hair that I cover up and have to go on my tippy toes to reach items in my cabinet since I am so short.  None of those things make me feel gross or embarrassed so why should I feel that way over my cellulite? No, I’m not saying to smile when you look at the cellulite. HOWEVER, I’m also not saying not to let it get you down and feel that it’s pointless to exercise and eat clean just because it isn’t going to fully “REMOVE” every dimple.  As a matter of fact, it will surely make them much less noticeable and the problem area will become much smaller as well since you will have less fat!. Therefore, I encourage you to keep exercising and eating clean. It’s more than just being about your outward appearance.  It also:

  • Reduces Stress
  • Boosts Happy Chemicals [Exercise releases endorphins, which create feelings of happiness and euphoria]
  • Improves Self-Confidence
  • Prevents Cognitive Decline
  • Alleviates Anxiety
  • Boosts Brainpower
  • Sharpens Memory
  • Helps Control Addiction
  • Increase Relaxation
  • Inspires Others

Now I know with all that said, many of you still want help with making those lovely dimples less noticeable. Some internal assistance would be Water + Lemon with a pinch of Cayenne pepper. It’s a powerful and simple way to cleanse your body of fat and toxins. Also, be sure to maintain a diet that consists of leafy greens, colorful fruits, veggies and fibrous foods that’s VOID of Caffeine, Alcohol and Sugar. EEKS, those will plump your dimples right up!  Now for the external help, now o f course wearing black helps but there are also some really amazing yoga pants that help eliminate that unwanted lumpy rump!



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