My challenge group is based on a proven formula of:


The commitment is for 60 days of  the Insanity Max 30 workout DVD program, drinking Shakeology every day, and joining the my Insanity Challenge Group accountability page for support, motivation and accountability. We all work together and help each other throughout the entire program! This is a proven and simple formula, and those who commit GET IN THE ABSOLUTE BEST SHAPE OF THEIR LIVES! You’ll do everything at home, on your time, and on your schedule. The Group interaction is all done on a private Facebook group page, where the team posts each day. Each workout is ONLY 30 minutes a day so I know that you can find the time to do it.  Plus, you get me as your coach checking in and pushing you each day along with all my other challengers

Program Length – 60 days, divided into 2 thirty-day phases
Workout Length – 30 minutes

What is Insanity Max: 30??

It is a 60-day in-home workout program that pushes people to their personal max without equipment for jaw-dropping visible results.  The program makes people push as hard as they can for as long as they can until they “Max Out” – the point when they just can’t do any more or they begin to lose good form.  They’ll then note their “Max Out” time, recover, and finish the rest of the workout.  Every day they will push  to increase their previous “Max Out” time so they constantly progress, improve their fitness, and get the full body results they’ve always wanted.  **For the first time, the program now includes a modifier that is on the screen for the whole time, so anyone at any fitness level can do this program!!!

Who is Insanity Max 30 For and How Does it Work?

Insanity Max 30 is all about maxing out. It was designed to show you little improvements every single day, and turns working out into a game. And beginners before you think you can’t do this workout, let me remind you that every Max: 30 workout comes with a low-impact modifier you can follow. What does that mean? Even beginners can get Insanity results in 30 minutes a day without jumping.

Insanity Max: 30 is for two different types of people:

The Insanity Fan: If you loved Insanity, and want to try 150 new moves, then this is the workout for you!

The Beginner: Because the modifier in Insanity Max 30 is so good, even beginners that found Insanity too much, can feel amazing after being able to complete the Insanity Max 30 workouts. The low-impact modifiers included are simply outstanding.

One of the most unique elements of Insanity Max 30 is the fact it includes a “Modifier” option that you can select! What does this do? It actually splits the screen, so you always see the modifier so you don’t have to guess what you should be doing. This is amazing for beginners, and new innovation in the at home Insanity program. Check out how cool the modifier in Insanity Max 30 looks:


What’s Inside the Insanity Max: 30 Challenge Pack?

This challenge pack is composed of two core components:
Ten 30-minute workout routines
A 30-day supply of Shakeology Meal Replacement Shake.
These two alone produces a lethal combination for fitness, increased metabolism and a more controlled appetite. We’ve added the following features for a more comprehensive package:

insanity-max30-workouts-month110 WORKOUTS


Cardio Challenge. a step up from your routine cardio workout, the cardio challenge will leave your heart beating fast and wild, but healthier and stronger.
Tabata Power. Comprised of “20 seconds on, 10 seconds off” power moves, the Tabata power will leave your muscles aching for more!
Sweat Intervals. Release the sweetest evidence of your hardwork: Sweat. This is a 30-minute routine that will definitely get your sweat glands working on the double.
Tabata Strength. This is a 30-minute continuous workout routine. NO REST! Definitely not one for the weak and faint-hearted.
Friday Fight: Round 1. This workout redefines how Friday is best spent. At round 1, we will test the strength of your body and your willpower and see which one is stronger.
MAX OUT Cardio. Definitely insane cardio that will leave you breathless, sweating and a stronger and more toned body.
MAX OUT Power. We’ve divided a workout minute into 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off of Tabata-style plyometric madness. Have you got the power to conquer MAX OUT power?
MAX OUT Sweat. Take sweating out and calorie burning to a whole new level. Yes, MAX OUT sweat will certainly wipe your sweat glands off!
MAX OUT Strength. This is a Tabata-style routine of 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off workout. Your chest, shoulders, arms, and core will be MAXed out of strength.
Friday Fight: Round 2. Want more challenge on a Friday? Round 2 presents the hardest workout challenge you’ve ever seen, involving the fitness of your mind and body.

The Insanity Max: 30 is not a challenge everybody can take, but are you up for it? If you want a stronger core, well-defined abs and toned arms and legs, the Insanity Max: 30 can give you amazingly insane fitness results!

To keep you on track and focused on your wellness and fitness goals, we’ve added more perks to this package.

Nutrition to the MAX Guide. Make sure you are feeding your body with all the right foods in line with your fitness goals. This is a straight no non-sense guide that’s so easy to follow.
Max Out Guide. A simple and brief guide that will help you make the most of Insanity MAX: 30.
Max Out Wall Calendar and Max Out Tracker. Designed with utmost simplicity and functionality. These will help you see at a glance the schedule of workouts you need to do daily for more focus and easier compliance.
No Time to Cook Guide. Helps you choose the healthier options when dining out, travelling or eating at a buffet. This is the ultimate guide to keep your nutrition on track when out of your own kitchen
If the 4 tools for success aren’t enough, we’ve generously added more benefits to this package so you can certainly MAX out your wellness potential and get the results you’ve always wanted!
Pulse. This is a low-impact “pulsing” routine that’ll give you a break from the crazy 30-minute workouts. Pulse is one of Shaun T’s amazing concepts of fat burning without the crazy intensity.
Ab Attack:10. This is a 10-minute ab workout that will produce form, definition and hardness to your midsection.

24/7 Support. Connect with fitness experts and like-minded people for an added support, motivation and determination, FREE AND AVAILABLE ONLINE.

Become a member of the Team Beachbody Club and enjoy the following perks with a Free 30-day trial: When you’re part of the Team Beachbody community, you have all the tools, support, and accountability you need to commit to a healthy lifestyle, including: 10% discount on all purchases, answers to your fitness/nutrition questions, admittance to FREE online trial of streaming world-class programs, such as INSANITY®, P90X®, P90X3®, TurboFire® , etc.., access to the online SuperGym, where you can schedule and log your workouts and easily track your progress. Meal plans personalized for your goals, VIP access to your favorite trainers and Beachbody® experts, including live chats, exclusive videos, nutrition tips, and delicious recipes and me your own personal Coach for guidance and support.

You may be asking right now, “What do I need to do?”

It’s simple! Reserve your spot today and I will forward you the details!


I am a product of my decisions! One day I made the decision to commit to an Insanity Fitness Challenge and these are my personal results!